CanonWired is brought to you by Canon Press. The other is Credenda/Agenda. Yes, we are related. And no, we don’t know what happened. Our folks raised us the same. But don’t hold them against us; we know about your family tree too…

At Canon Press, we create and provide products that sketch a vision of a whole life – a whole culture: A life full of beauty, tradition, education, community, laughter, and celebration – unashamed of Christ, and sharply at odds with the values of modernity; a mature culture with the church at the center – living out the good life one family at a time.

Our book and audio selections try to reflect this exciting life that God has given us under the sun. As the wisest man said, “Go, eat your bread with joy, and drink your wine with a merry heart; For God has already accepted your works.”
Eccl. 9:7

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