Ask Doug: How to Break Free from Morbid Introspection

In this Ask Doug segment, Pastor Wilson responds to the question:

“How do you break free from a pattern of morbid introspection?”

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  1. shayne mcallister says:

    The video isn’t loading anymore as of today.

  2. Daniel Foucachon says:

    Sorry about that! I’m trying to figure out why, but in the meantime, you can view it here:

  3. Daniel Foucachon says:

    Should work now.

  4. Andrew says:

    I was hoping Doug would emphasize Christ’s victory over sin at the cross as opposed to our vain attempts at “dealing with” our own sin.

  5. Daniel Foucachon says:

    Andrew, I think Pastor Wilson’s point is that someone who is morbidly introspective is not believing in Christ’s victory over sin. They are saying “oh me oh me, I’m so sinful,” instead of believing Christ’s victory over that sin, that it is forgiven and buried in Christ. It’s another sin to bring to the cross. So if we recognize it as a sin (those who have this problem often don’t), then we are able to bring it to the cross. Then Christ will have victory over that sin. You can’t emphasize victory over sin without recognizing the sin as sin.

  6. Mary Nix says:

    After posting a comment on Facebook, just throwing it out there, to see what people thought the word “humble” meant, a friend sent the link to this article. I never really thought too much about how “humility” is misdefined in the eyes of those who are morbidly introspective. I knew it was possible to take the whole concept of “esteeming others as more important than yourself” too far, but I never thought that it could actually be classified as a sin. Pastor Wilson’s answer in the above article gave me something to chew on for sure!

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