Ash Wednesday and Lent

Doug Wilson and Ben Merkle discuss the practice of Ash Wednesday and Lent in the church.

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Keywords/topics: Evangelical Feast Days, Easter, Christmas, Penitential Seasons, Old Testament, Organic, piety, fasting, spiritual discipline, Facebook, Advent, Binding of conscience, Church Calendar, Holy Days,



  1. elizabeth says:

    this isnt good quality…had to go over to yuo tube…sorry

    • Daniel Foucachon says:

      Was not not playing right? Was it jumpy?

    • Daniel Foucachon says:

      One thing you might try is disabling “HD” on the lower right. My home computer has to have HD disabled in order for it to play smoothly (a netbook).

  2. Ralph says:

    Ben and Doug

    Thanks for doing this. I have been surprised to learn of Presbyterian churches practicing Ash Wednesday. I was curious if there are any direct writings by reformers on their view of this practice?

    Rev. Wilson’s points were very balanced and Biblical.



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