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Do you have a question that you’d like to ask Pastor Wilson? If so, we’d love to hear it. While we don’t anticipate being able to get to them all, we’ll grab selected questions each week and see what he has to say. The more your question asks for principals (rather than situation specific advice), the more helpful it will be to a broad audience and therefore the more likely we are to throw it at Doug. So go ahead, ask by submitting a comment to this post (and feel free to leave the contact info blank – it is not required)…



  1. Johnnywhiskey says:

    Does space exploration can be consider as an extension of the dominion mandate?

  2. Mark VanDyke says:

    Pastor Doug,
    First of all, thank you for rightly dividing the Word of truth so faithfully. I’ve benefited immensely from your preaching.
    I, too, am a pastor and I’ve noticed a disturbing trend that seems to me is increasingly prevalent but I’ve never heard to addressed in a sermon or book. Our American culture is idolizing animals. I talk with people who openly replace human relationships with dogs or cats. Others spend thousands of dollars on an old dog to keep it alive. Many feel their pet will be there standing next to St. Peter at the pearly gates. How would you suggest confronting this idolatry without dishonoring the good gift of having a great pet?
    Keep up the great work!

  3. Johnnywhiskey says:

    What is your view about geocentrism?

  4. Nick says:

    Pastor Doug,

    I am a Presbyterian in the awkward situation of attending a faithful Reformed Credo-Baptist Church. Since there are not many options in my area, I am happy to attend this church because of it’s faithfulness to the Bible, to biblical worship, and the Gospel. I am valued at this church, and though they continue to give me positions of leadership, everything was put on hold when they realized I was not a member (much to their embarrassment). I am now faced with the roadblock of submitting to believer’s baptism by immersion to continue serving in a significant way. My question is, though I do not think being baptized again is necessary for obedience, is it wrong for me to let them baptize me again, so that I can become a member? Or is it time for a new church?

    Your thoughts are much appreciated.


  5. Josh G says:

    Hi Doug,

    How do spiritual powers interact with the world today? I ask because I’ve recently read Heiser’s Unseen Realm, and saw your sermon notes on Psalm 82, which I think provide a good case for other ‘gods.’ But they don’t tell me how this knowledge affects my daily life, which leaves it feeling somewhat academic. The only option out there appears to be limited accounts of demon possession, but, not to diminish its reality or importance, it does seem to be rather small-scale when compared to the ego of some of these ‘gods’ and is quite removed from my life. Are spiritual influences today more along the lines of spiritual inheritance, ie ‘all those who You are of your father the evil, and the desires of your father you want to do’ (as in Jn 8:37-59) rather than direct, tangible evidence of supernatural powers messing around with the visible world?

    In other words, I’ve got tabs on the world and flesh, but where’s the devil in all this?

    Thanks for all your work! Keep it up and God bless,

  6. Anonymous says:

    Dear Pastor Doug,
    My husband wants to be Eastern Orthodox and we have our first child on the way. I don’t want to be on different pages spiritually, I want him to be the leader of our family, I want what is best for our child, I want to rely on his authority as our head, but this isn’t something I’m ok with. What do I do?
    Thank you

  7. Josh says:

    Hi Doug,

    I’ve just read Michael Heiser’s book ‘The Unseen Realm’ and think that he’s right about the reality of spiritual beings. The problem is that I have the theological hyperspace version: what I don’t know is how such knowledge applies in my everyday life. I can see the curses of the flesh and the world, but I find it difficult see the devil.

    In everyday life and experience, how does the devil work today and how does he differ from the flesh and the world?

    Thank-you for your work – I’ve gotten a lot out of it. Keep it coming!

  8. Ryan Robertson says:

    Pastor Doug,

    What should a Christian value more highly, being near family or involved in a Reformed Church? Right now where we live we are attending a great church but have no family around but if we move to family there would be no reformed churches to speak of and probably some decent Arminian churches to attend.



  9. Mark Grubbs says:

    My wife and I met and eventually married when we were both about 32 years of age. We discovered early on in our marriage that we could not get pregnant through normal means and for a short time explored and tried IVF. We never made it very far into IVF because my wife was unable to provide any mature eggs. It is now almost 10 years later and we are beginning to lean more to a Post Mil/Theonomic worldview and as a result wonder if we should have generational thinking in mind. Namely, should we adopt children and seek to raise them in the fear and admonition of the Lord. We struggle a little bit with this answer probably because we are selfish and like our freedom and we struggle because I think we feel a tug in our hearts that this is something we should do (adopt children). Would you be able to provide your commentary.

    • Brian Marr says:

      Hmmm. We don’t have a video on infertility, so we’ll put it on the list, but suffice it to say God is the one who opens the womb so you shouldn’t feel guilty about something outside your control! You are free in Christ to find the best places to minister, whether through adoption or through ministering to others around you.

  10. Anonymous says:

    Hello Pastor Doug,
    My husband and I are expecting our first child very soon, so in preparation for this, we decided to leave our Reformed Baptist church and find a Paedobaptist church to attend. In the past couple months, he has been swayed by arguments against protestantism altogether and wants us to raise or child(ren) in either the Catholic or Orthodox church. He has asked if I would refuse to follow him and force us to go to two separate churches. What do I do? Go to a church and willingly raise our children in traditions I disagree with? Or deny his leadership of the family and refuse to go to an Orthodox or Catholic church, making us go to two different churches? I generally believe that those who hold to the Apostles Creed are Christians, which would include non-protestant peoples, but I still don’t feel right about being part of a non-protestant church. I would love for you to share your wisdom on this issue.
    Thank you

  11. M. Holly says:

    Hello, I would like to ask Mr. Doug Wilson on Catholicism although you answered on this subject few times. I found your answers very helpful. Thank you.
    Is it proper to attain catholic mass on occasions like funeral or wedding of friends and/or relatives? Should I stand during concretation acknowledging that bowing down is act of submission? Again, thank you very much.

  12. David says:

    Pastor Wilson,
    If scientists find the “cure” for aging, should Christians take it?

  13. Shawn says:

    If my child does something wrong, and when I rebuke him the biblical way he still sulks , how does the problem get resolved?

    Even when I discipline him he still that way, then how should I go about hoping for him to come around (besides praying of course)?

  14. Chris says:

    Hello, I’ve come to a Postmillenial understanding of eschatology and was discussing with a friend who is A-Mil recently and he asked what the explanation of the cyclical nature of Revelation. My initial thought was that it does fit with a Postmillenial view of history in that Christ is working through all of history. But I wanted to study this aspect in more detail so that I didn’t just start sounding like an A-Mil.

  15. Trey Mays says:

    Pastor Doug,
    With America seemingly more racially divided, particularly from the Obama years, and race riots breaking out after police shootings and everyone racing to pick racial sides in every police shooting (whether the shooting even had anything to do with race in the first place, or not). And it has also caused nearly every young, Reformed pastor to assume certain facts not in evidence from media reports to push a racial reconciliation. They tend to call this assumption empathy. Racial reconciliation is a great thing, when biblically and properly sought. However, most young, Reformed pastors who have sincere hearts for racial reconciliation seem to imply or suggest the underlying problem behind our racial prejudices and racial animosities TODAY is a white denial of white privilege in this country. Is this a correct prophetic analysis of the UNDERLINING sin that is preventing racial reconciliation or are these young, Reformed pastors missing the racial idolatries TODAY that is causing the racial animosity between the races? Is rattling off sociological facts of the privileges and opportunities whites have had in the past really achieving reconciliation or is it fueling racial idolatries and animosities? How would you minister to those pastors who have a real heart for racial reconciliation?
    Thank you,
    Trey Mays

  16. Listener says:

    What is your view on the reliability of extra-biblical books such as the Book of Enoch, Jasher, and Jubilees?

  17. Kira Bianchi says:

    I recently watched your video regarding cussing, and I have a couple of questions.

    What makes a cuss word a cuss word? And if not all cuss words are sinful, than what specifically makes a cuss word sinful?


  18. Logan says:

    What do you think of Peter Hitchens’ stance on drugs, that there’s no such thing as drug addiction?

  19. Nick Patchen says:

    Pastor Doug,

    I am currently in a deployed location, far away from both my wife and my church.

    How should people in a long distance marriage fulfill their God ordained roles?

    In general, what should a long distance interaction/relationship with my church back home look like?

    I appreciate you brother!


  20. Seth Campbell says:

    Doug has written and spoken about the “nature of nature” and lawful ways to “fight nature” (braces, brushing your hair, physical exercise) vs. unlawful or unnatural ways to fight nature (trans-ism, beastiality, etc).

    God has ordered nature to reveal to us and teach us that men and women are physically different. There is a lawful way in which both men and women can fight against nature in order to gain athletic prowess. At what point is a woman specifically unlawfully fighting against her physical nature when she exercises? Where is that line, how do we know it, and who authoritatively discerns it for the rest of us? If it’s nature, then it isn’t subjective, but clearly defined. What do fathers tell their daughters about exercise? Do we say yes to gymnastics but no to…shot put? Yes to swimming but no to…crossfit? By what standard?

  21. Bryan says:

    Hello Pastor Doug,

    Though my wife and I are not quite there yet, I can foresee us becoming paedobaptists in the future. The problem with this is that we attend an EV Free church and it would be hard for us to leave our church community over this issue. Would it be wrong to have my almost-three year old and eight-month old son baptized at another church? Would it be wrong for my wife and I to baptize them in our own home? Any insight or thoughts you have on this issue would be most appreciated.


  22. Jonah Barnes says:

    Does the state government have the authority to terminate the rights of parents over their children?

  23. Michael says:

    Pastor Doug,
    I have read several of your books as well as a couple of Nancy’s as well. I value your clear theological teaching.
    My three questions are:
    1. In what circumstance does God explicitly say in scripture that a wife should not submit to her own husband?
    2. Does God say the authority role of a Pastor or Elder or anyone is a higher authority for a wife than her own husband?
    3. Should a Pastor or Elder encourage a wife to seek answers to her theological questions, from “her own husband at home” so that he may perform his God given headship role and responsibility to lead, study, learn and nurture his wife?

    Counselors [male and female], Pastors, and Theologians whom I study all seem to agree, that scripture commands that a wife must, “submit to her own husband in everything ”, unless he asks her to sin.

    As a loving, caring, cherishing husband, I have no desire to oppress my dear wife, or bring unhappiness to her soul, yet I also know that if “feelings” or “felt needs” or “reasoning” are permitted to be the final arbiter of her respectful submission to me; or to justify following/submitting to other men; or to seek answers to her theological questions from other husbands or persons, she is 1] disobeying God and 2] subordinating my role as her husband and, 3] declaring her independence and leading our home. Order, Roles, Authority, & Submission are ‘conditional’.

    The Pastors and Elders of the church I attend here in Phoenix {a large and growing church head quartered in Chicago} is unwilling to answer these simple questions. A Pastor biblical counselor friend and his governing board are very concerned and believe I ought to “flee” from this church.
    Thank you.

  24. Jonathan Finley says:

    Pastor Doug,

    What advice would you give to individuals who have a desire to move to a locations where there is no protestant church yet are not called as pastors? Is it ever legitimate to take our families outside the shelter of the local church for the purpose of sharing the gospel with those who do not know?

    Thank you for your thoughts,

  25. Rebecca says:

    Do deacons hold an entirely separate office than elder or is it a more proto-elder position in which they grow INTO becoming an elder? Our church is having a vote soon on this issue and has made clear that the deacon will be growing INTO the elder position just like Elisha did with Elijah, Gehazi did with Elisha, the twelve disciples did with Jesus, etc. but this is something I have not heard of before and wondered if this is just some weird thing with my own congregation (weird things happen there occasionally) or if this was a more vast teaching. Thanks!

  26. Chris Brehm says:

    Hello Pastor Doug,

    Your books and teaching have been instrumental to my Christian walk and Biblical study. Thank you for your faithful service to Christ’s Kingdom.

    What is your understanding of where to draw the lines for roles women can take on in the church?
    In my church (PCA) we have a woman leading worship, women serve on the worship team as musicians and singers, women will sometimes read scripture or have an introduction to a song.

    There is ongoing discussion as to where these lines should be drawn and I’m looking for the firm biblical understanding about what roles in church women can serve in and what lines should not be crossed.

    Thank you,

    Chris Brehm

  27. Rebecca says:

    Infant baptism as a given- do believe that a moment comes in which that child grows up and must make a ‘choice’? And should that affirmation given from the child be celebrated in some way- confirmation/membership classes/etc? What would the next step be for an infant child who has grown up and grown to love the Lord and commit his/her life to God? And How do paedobaptist parents encourage their children to not just glibly believe they are good to go now that they are baptized?

  28. Jacob says:

    Can you have service on Saturday nights and still be sabbatarian?

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