Conversation: Organic or Non-Organic? Does God Care? Part I

Ben Merkle and Doug Wilson discuss food.

Does God care what we eat? Should we refrain from certain foods? Are some foods holier than others? What about Organic? What about niche diets? What about free-trade food? Should we be worried about the origin of certain food? What about animal abuse? What about “meat sacrificed to idols”? How do “food hang-ups” effect a theology of Lent?

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Part I: Organic or Non-Organic? Does God Care?
Part II: A Post-millennial Thought Experiment on Food.



  1. John Caneday says:

    Do you have any plans to address the sin of gluttony while you’re on the topic of food?

  2. David Axberg says:

    I agree with all that you said in the context that you said it. The thing I have always laid before my family – is what is the “more better way”? So we have no issues with wonder bread but do raise our own chicken. We have a lot to learn from the garden of Eden. If that was perfect and since the fall we have been getting further and further from it, shouldn’t we long for what was lost? I suppose there could have been twinkies in the garden but I would doubt it. It is not usually the slaughter that makes me cringe but how the animal was raised. 10,000 chickens in a hot house makes me cringe but a chicken being a chicken outside I am OK with. We raise our own beef, chicken, pork and veggies not because we think we are more Holier in doing so but we love learning from our Creator God in the process. If I can coin a phrase I believe N.D. has used before “Christians are to be artists or art appreciators” or could I say “farmers or farm appreciators”. When we appreciate the creation we give glory to the creator. I would say there is a little more thankfulness in eating a healthy, humainly raised chicken than there is in a twinkie. Just saying, take it or leave it. Oh by the way my cows eat grain and the beef is awesome, much better than grass only.

  3. Ellen says:

    It would be great if you could also comment on the growth of halal certified foods and the pressure placed on government, councils, schools etc. to provide halal-only foods. How should Christians respond to this ‘Islamisation’ of the food supply?

    (Not sure how much this is going on in the U.S., but it’s very big in Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Canada etc.)

  4. Brian M. says:

    This is a wonderful video and have struggled to tie Scripture with my views on food. I grew up in a 3rd world country but we are a food culture. So after moving to the US and having lived here for 20+ years, I’ve met Christians who are vegans and are organic only. I always found that those with niche diets are far more vocal about why those without niche diets are sinning. I care deeply about food because food is something we all need and Americans are generally so finicky about food that, I’ve found in my travels, we often times offend our hosts because of our pickiness. Thanks for this because now I have a reason to help my brothers and sisters in Christ understand the freedom they have to eat in Christ.

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