Ask Doug: Will there be pets in heaven?

Ask Doug question: “I really enjoyed your Easter message about the resurrection of the world. In that sermon, you alluded to the world being brought along with us in Christ. With this in mind, will animals be resurrected on the new earth? If so, will they be the animals who have lived on this earth? More specifically, will our pets be resurrected?”

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  1. Ellen of Tasmania says:

    There is nothing hypocritical about a cat.

  2. Priscilla Suarez says:

    I have been studying preterism and have come across the teaching of full preterism in my research. It seems very insidious and credible until you realize the ramifications. I was just wondering what you would say about the many reported visions(if that’s the right word)of Heaven or Hell that some people have had during surgery,for example… Could that in fact be “Abraham’s bosom “or the bad part of Sheol ,respectively ,that they are seeing? Thank you very much!

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