Ask Doug: Rambunctious boys in the house

In this Ask Doug segment, Pastor Wilson answers the question:

“What is your parenting advice on managing rambunctious boys? I have three young boys, and they are constantly wildly wrestling and sword playing and knocking one another about. I want them to be able to be boys and to enjoy one another but the injuries and general property destruction becomes so intense. What principles do I use to set up boundaries and limits on this?”



  1. Angie says:


    Good thoughts here…thanks!

  2. Sarah Johannsen says:

    Thank you for answering my question!!!! I have started looking into some “peewee” wrestling leagues in our city — trying to find ones that aren’t co-ed — but also have some ideas for doing better at coaching them in good wrestling practices…and putting better boundaries on when and where. Thank you again!

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