Ask Doug | Roman Catholicism and the Eucharist

Question: Is the Roman Catholic view of the Eucharist an idolatrous belief or simply an erroneous interpretation which is distinguishable as good faith? And can an Evangelical partake of in the Eucharist in a Roman Catholic service if he maintains a personal rejection of Christ’s physical presence in the bread?

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  1. Jared McNabb says:

    Perhaps a follow up question… Pastor Wilson, you seem to say that you would commune at a memorialist church that you would judge to be a proper church. But would you commune in a situation like if visiting a modern episcopal (liberal) church? If not, how would you answer if somebody charged with you with Donatism?

  2. Eric Stampher says:

    Fantastic. And excellent, sincere, attentive and seems-like-genuine questions from the Askinator there.

    My PCA brothers tell me I shouldn’t take communion. I’m not an official member there at that congregations (as they view membership), and their book of order says I need to be a member in good standing of some other decent congregation to take communion here. (They don’t ask personally my situation.) I put on my dear-in-the-headlights look and take anyway. They haven’t brought up the issue because, frankly, they’re not that attuned to what’s happening. Also, they’re not for young kiddos taking communion, even if baptized. I sneak some anyway, so as not to offend the leaders by being blatant about it.

    Do you see this as similar to your taking communion in a memorialist-presented service?

  3. Eric Stampher says:

    Further thought. Liz from Peter’s Jerusalem fellowship visits family in Antioch. She goes to church there Sunday. Paul is there. At the afterglow fellowship meal, pork is on the table. Liz asks Paul: “Is it ok for me to have a slice of that pig?” Paul replies: “As as we’re concerned, you are welcome to anything here. But when you get home, you should run this by Peter.”

    No? So why should your hypothetical RC-er report back home?

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