Biographies of Great American Saints (updated)

Updated 3/16/2010 with Douglas Wilson’s lecture on Anne Bradstreet

Biographies of Great American Saints
Fifth Annual Credenda/Agenda History Conference (A.D. 2000)

Though derided, if not forgotten, the lives of these great American saints call us back to our Christian legacy. Considering their examples, we see the faith delivered once for all by Jesus Christ has had a very broad and important influence in the identity of our country. In their typical engaging fashion, Pastors George Grant, Steve Wilkens, and Douglas Wilson shine the spotlight on some of those who have gone before us. Look for a new entry in this series to be posted weekly for the next eight weeks. Can’t wait to get the rest; the whole series is available on CD from our Resource Store.

Lecture 6. Anne Bradstreet (1612-1672) – Douglas Wilson (Listen )

Lecture 5. Jeb Stuart (1833-1864) – Steve Wilkins (Listen )

Lecture 4. Samuel Davies (1723-1761) – Douglas Wilson (Listen )

Lecture 3: Gideon Blackburn(1769-1828) – George Grant (Listen )

Lecture 2: Patrick Henry (1736-1799) – Steve Wilkins (Listen)

Lecture 1: Cotton Mather (1663-1728) – George Grant (Listen )

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