I’ve always wanted to ask Doug Wilson…

Do you have a question that you’d like to ask Pastor Wilson? If so, we’d love to hear it. While we don’t anticipate being able to get to them all, we’ll grab selected questions each week and see what he has to say. The more your question asks for principals (rather than situation specific advice), the more helpful it will be to a broad audience and therefore the more likely we are to throw it at Doug.  So go ahead, ask by submitting a comment to this post (and feel free to leave the contact info blank – it is not required)…



  1. Andy says:

    Can the unreached person ever be saved by following the law of their conscience, or to put it in a familiar way, can the person on the an isolated island ever be saved assuming they have never heard the gospel preached? And, Since Christ could come at any moment, should Christians be motivated by a sense of urgency to reach as many people as possible with the gospel? If not what should motivate Christians to preach the gospel? Please feel free to reword for clarity and brevity if needed.

  2. Veronica says:

    If God always follows the rules why is there a virgin birth?

  3. Matt says:

    Pastor Wilson,
    I greatly appreciate your service, leadership and wisdom shown to countless believers over the years (myself included). I am a local minister within the Assemblies of God, and struggling with certain stances the A/G take, and whether I can agree with the Fundamental Truths. Specifically I am referring to their stance on women in ministry, and what the Bible states with regards to it. I have read much of what you have taught with regards to marriage and the home, but am wondering whether the arguments made within the A/G’s position papers have any credence. I realize that you get potentially thousands of questions, so you may never get to this, but if someone could get a biblical critique sometime to the link below, I would greatly appreciate it.



    Matt Bryant

  4. Lillian Crossan says:

    Should an American pastor publicly vow from the pulpit that he will never address politics from the pulpit, that he will only preach the Gospel?

  5. David says:

    Pastor Wilson,
    Are professional fighters (boxers, mixed martial artists, Muay Thai boxers, etc) violating the sixth commandment when fighting each other?

  6. judah lothbrook says:

    does anyone else think it’s weird when paul says in I think romans or Corinthians “I say this, not the lord, but I,” – like, doesn’t that mean that part of scripture is uninspired because it is not god speaking but if it is god speaking then it is god lying because it claims to be paul and more importantly, “not the lord”.

  7. Milena says:


    I was trying to look where I can make a question, is this the right place? Thanks

  8. Marcela says:

    My question is this:

    I became I reformed Christian with my family about 3 years ago, now I had been studying the doctrine of baptism for about a year trying to understand the covenantal theology and its relationship with the children of believers. I became to the conclusion (By the grace of God) that I am agree with infant baptism. My family (dad, mom and sister) believes in credo baptism, I am not married but I am 30 years old and I am member of the Reformed Baptist Church. Should I tell my pastors about my pedo-Baptist believes or because my father is my headship should I stay where I am and not saying anything about it?

    Thanks a lot

  9. Tyler says:

    Pastor Wilson, If the Government commissioned a draft and a Christian was drafted himself or herself what would you advise?

  10. Tyler says:

    By the way, could you guys show more than one question at a time?

    • Brian Marr says:

      We could and do when it’s a topic with a lot of questions, but we don’t want our videos to be so long people don’t click or too miscellaneous.

    • Brian Marr says:

      Do you mean more than one question in a video? We could, but for now we want to do shorter videos because often that is what people will be willing to click on and, unless we received a bunch of questions all on one topic (which we do and have done in the past) it makes titling those videos harder. Hope that helps.

      • Tyler says:

        Yes to the latter. I understand some questions take a little longer to answer. Also, maybe you guys could publish more frequently?

  11. Isaac says:

    Would you expound on how you are working towards reconciling the Federal Vision movement with its critics and opponents, so that the Reformed churches can have greater unity and solidarity?

    Especially as a postmill guy this seems like an issue of vital necessity – the first step towards the “Reformed catholicity” you mention, in combating the fragmentation in the Church.

  12. Matthew David says:

    What principles would you suggest for leading a congregation out of an anti-alcohol mindset which fears wine rather than views it as a gift from God to gladden hearts? Should I fear the messiness of untrained consciences making mistakes as they learn to enjoy this gift without sinning, or not?

  13. Bob says:

    Is there any Biblical reason to support the nation of Israel? Am I becoming an anti-Semite if I have doubts about Zionism?

  14. Jonathan White says:

    Hello Sir,

    What is the significance of the covenant given to Jeroboam in 1 Kings 11: 32-39?

    Was God trying to switch horses midstream? (v.39 points to a “no” on that one).

    It almost seems like this covenant cheapens the one given to David, because it is in competition with the it. (Obviously God knew Jeroboam would fail his end of the covenant… but so did David. Is this just God being God and getting to play favorites?)

    Would it be incorrect to say that all of us are in some sense offered a covenant, as Jeroboam is… a covenant that some of us are predestined to break?

  15. Rick says:

    Do you require prospective members, leaders and employees to sign a statement of faith document?

    • Brian Marr says:

      Now that’s a good question, and we might put that in front of Doug. As far as potential church members are concerned, they meet with the elders and the elders judge whether the person has a genuine Christian testimony and life. Then, the member goes before the congregation and affirms that they are a sinner in need of the cleansing blood of Jesus, that they trust in Christ as their savior, and that they have been baptized in His name. The congregation accepts them and a prayer is offered.

  16. Dave says:

    Pastor Doug,

    Why is God described as hardening hearts for the purpose of ensuring certain people will not believe if all men lack the ability to believe innately? What need is there for God to prevent belief through the judicial hardening of hearts if fallen hearts will never be able to believe anyway apart from regeneration? Thanks.

  17. Hi. I’m just looking for the Shame sermon. I went to the early service that Sunday and would like to listen to it.


  18. Balint says:

    Bibically, is frequent failure in fulfilling the imperatives found in the Epistles normal for a Christian?

  19. Jhi says:

    This is for Doug:

    What are your thoughts on NT Wright’s book, ‘Surprised by Hope’, and his eschatological views presented therein? Do you agree or disagree, and why?

  20. Jayson says:

    What ought American Christians do about ISIS? Is there ever a place for armed mission relief? Thanks.

  21. Nathan says:

    Hey Pastor Doug,
    Do you think it’s necessary to obtain a seminary degree in order to be a pastor? I am currently studying Reformed Theology and the Bible on my own accord and just trusting in God that He will provide a way for me into to ministry, instead of enrolling in college and going into debt. What are your thoughts on this matter?

  22. Christopher says:

    Dear Pastor Wilson,
    As Christians are being beheaded in Iraq by terrorists, should able bodied christian men respond gun in hand? Sort of a roughriders crusade.


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