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Do you have a question that you’d like to ask Pastor Wilson? If so, we’d love to hear it. While we don’t anticipate being able to get to them all, we’ll grab selected questions each week and see what he has to say. The more your question asks for principals (rather than situation specific advice), the more helpful it will be to a broad audience and therefore the more likely we are to throw it at Doug.  So go ahead, ask by submitting a comment to this post (and feel free to leave the contact info blank – it is not required)…



  1. Seth says:

    How do you read Chesterton in light of his papism, anti-Protestantism, and blatant anti-Calvinism?

    • Warren says:

      Not sure if I’m doing this right, but here goes.

      Mr. Wilson,

      I really appreciated Biola’s conversation on the future of protestantism. Here’s my question. It seems Dr. Leithart would prefer to reform existing ecclesiastical structures then begin a new one. What are your thoughts?

  2. Theda says:

    Can you explain how interaction should look among youth that have moved into the junior high/high school years (not yet ready to begin courting)? More specifically: Is it ever appropriate to allow groups of youth to participate in activities with adult supervision but that are geared toward the “younger crowd” (for example: one set of parents supervising a sledding party for a large group of teens at their home). What about the seemingly inevitable preference that youth seem to have for talking/conversation with those in their peer group in situations where families are mingling (church gatherings and meals, etc.)? Should it be discouraged? Finally, what are some warning signs parents should be looking for when observing the interaction of their teens/young adults with others the same age?

  3. Erin P says:

    I have long thought that “young-earthers” were anti-intellectual folk with their heads in the sand, and that “old-earthers” were science minded people (NOT head-in-sand-folk)…until this week. Following the Ken Ham/Bill Nye debate I found out that two wicked smart authors that I love (Doug Wilson and Al Mohler) both hold to the young earth perspective. Can you explain why you hold to the young earth perspective? Clearly I need to think about this topic more thoroughly! Thanks!

  4. Tom says:

    Pastor Wilson,
    I’m the father of two daughters 7&4. There mother and I are divorced. Divorce has Limited my time and changed my role in their lives. I didn’t have a real good grasp on fathering to begin with. Now, I’m lost in the dark and occasionally bump into the right things. How do I father in this situation. HELP!!

  5. Michael Bowman says:

    I’ve been thinking a lot about Cessationism these past couple of months. The one thing that is rubbing me the wrong way is this: How do you square the fact that women are told not to hold authority over a man, and prophecy was speaking the infallible, authoritative word of God, and yet in 1 Corinthians we are told that women can prophecy? Those don’t seem to go together to me.

  6. I have started working through the idea of infant baptism, in large part due to resources from Pastor Wilson. One question I have though is this: could 1 Cor 7:14 be used to actually argue AGAINST padeobaptism? In other words, Paul here does explain how children are entered into the covenant – simply by being born into a covenant family. Could he then be saying that is ALL that is necessary? If there was an opportunity to give an explicit command on padeobaptism, this would have been a good one. But the apostle remains silent on the issue, saying only that if at least one parent is a believer, the child is holy.

  7. Tyler says:

    Pastor Doug,
    What do you say to Christians who struggle with doubt? Particularly, an intellectual but, also spiritual doubt. Thanks

  8. Tyler says:

    …… in addition, could you please expound on your distinction between creation law and redemptive law and how that relates to politics,economics and so forth?

  9. Joshua Nuckols says:

    How would you differentiate Postmillenialism from the Emergent Church’s view of the Kingdom of God?

  10. Oleg Solovey says:

    Do we have to embrace paedo communion if we embrace paedo baptism?

  11. Do you think that J. R. R. Tolkien was saved? Many Reformed/Protestant believers say, yes, a Catholic can be saved — if perhaps they are ignorant of Rome’s teachings, or in spite of Rome’s teachings… But Tolkien seemed to not be ignorant, and to be very Catholic. I find his work magnify the glory of God… and I struggle imagining he did not know Christ. What say you?

  12. Cindy Hall says:

    Dear Pastor Wilson,

    Was it ungodly for some of the world’s most famous artists to depict nudity in their art? For example, was it ungodly for Michelangelo to sculpt a nude depiction of David? If an artist is creating a work of art for beauty’s sake, or art’s sake, is nudity permissible, or is it shameful? It seems that in the Bible, nakedness is humiliating, shameful, and it seems that God’s response is to provide a covering. While viewing famous works of art, some children have questioned the appropriateness of naked subjects. How should we answer them?

  13. Nelson says:

    Why did the early Christians submit to Roman rule when the Roman government was tyrannical and resistance to tyrants is Biblical?

  14. Amanda says:

    Given what Scripture tells us are the qualifications are for elders and deacons, what is or should be the primary purpose of “seminary”. Just seems like “pastor shopping” is not at all connected to biblical qualifications but rather professional qualifications, degrees and where they got them. Is it just me?

  15. Isaac A. says:

    Hello Pastor Wilson,

    I’m interested in your take on John Piper’s recent talk at Westminster Seminary Philadelphia regarding “New Calvinism and the New Community” – both in his words about the New Calvinism, and in his criticism of N.T. Wright and the New Perspective on Paul. Would your Federal Vision beliefs differ from Wright on these issues as does Piper’s New Calvinism? Thank you.

  16. Nelson says:

    How should we react to the death of Fred Phelps?

  17. Lucas says:

    Mr. Wilson,

    What is your view on infant faith and how does that view play out in child rearing? Thanks.

  18. John Reasnor says:

    What are your thoughts on the current rising popularity of the immediatist abolish human abortion (AHA) abolitionist movement?

  19. Jon says:

    What do you make of the plagiarism and manipulation of book sales issues that Mark Driscoll is dealing with. Should we be concerned? Are these disqualifying sins?

  20. Pam Stevenson says:

    As I read through the gospels, I wonder if Jesus’ exhortation to the disciples to “take up their crosses” and follow him would have been understood by them as a reference to crucifixion at the time, or was this only completely understood by them after the Lord was crucified and raised again?

  21. Carl Larsen says:

    Why do Orthodox insist there is “no salvation outside of the Orthodox Church”? This to my understanding is in opposition to Scripture, and MANY of the Saints weren’t baptised members of the the Church, were they then NOT “saved”!??

  22. Dennis says:

    How would you prepare people who come from a non-denominational church, where worship is more like a rock concert, for a more formal, liturgical service at a Presbyterian church? Why is a more formal liturgy better than a rock concert and a hot sermon?

  23. Oleg Solovey says:

    Do you know where i could buy all of Lewis’s essays?

  24. Michael says:


    It seems that the current trend of “Gospel transformation” or quasi Neo-Kuyperianism is inherently post-millenial in its out-working, though very few of its proponents would admit it as such. Is this actually the case from your point of view? From where I sit, it doesn’t look like you would articulate your post-millenialism that way, but the language sounds very much like that which is used in post-millenial writing.

  25. Mary Gressard says:

    What is your thought on the movie Heaven is for Real and the little boy who had a vision of Jesus?

  26. Josh N. says:

    If the Regulative Principle is about what is explicit in the text of Scripture in terms of regulating the public worship (and probably private worship) of God’s people, then why is exclusive psalmody, Sunday-only-sabbath, and other means of grace (like announcements and bulletins) all implicit within scripture? Wouldn’t this be a Normative Principle idea?

    Why don’t we clap our hands, or lift them, too?

  27. Rebecca says:

    I recently read Song of Survival- a personal account of a women’s Japanese internment camp. Within its’ account was the forced bowing down to the emperor of Japan three times a day at which time many of the prisoners would curse the emperor in their mind or pray to God silently. Had they not bowed down, they would have been killed. Is this forced bowing down an act of worship?

    Throughout scripture there is example after example of NOT bowing down to idols and their lives were at stake then too so on the surface the question seems answered. But then again- Jesus made all things new and flipped everything on its head. Unclean food from the old testament which was prohibited is prohibited no longer. Perhaps forced bowing without sincerity is not idolatry. Your thoughts?

  28. carole says:

    Have you read, Make It Stick, new from HUP? If so, what were your thoughts?

  29. Andrew Hartman says:

    Mr. Wilson, The prevailing thought concerning World history among modern evangelicals seems to me to be quite misguided. Many hold that the world is becoming a much darker place and that in the end of all world history God will destroy the Earth with fire from above. If God made creation and said that it was “good” and set up His kingdom on the Earth through the work of the Church, then why would God destroy this “goodness” that He has created. Many turn to St. Peter’s second epistle to support this view, usually the 3rd chapter. What do you make of all this. And how as a young man, not buying into the whole premillennialist/dispensationalist view would i address this issue. Thanks and may God richly bless you and your work.

  30. Kevin says:

    Hi Doug, I work in a correctional facility and I often get Mormons and Jehovah’s Witnesses dropping off their literature (Watchtower Magazine, What does the Bible Really Teach? ect.) to give to specific inmates. I am suspicious that they are choosing these inmates at random since the literature they are handing out is something that is explaining their faith as if to a nonbeliever. Since I am a Christian should I be handing these false teachings out to people knowing that they are false? To take it further if I see these things lying around in public should I destroy them?

  31. Noah says:

    Hi Doug, I’ve been enjoying reading your blog posts and watching your debates for some time, but I have one concern: your concept of baptism, especially the Scriptures you use to support your views on it (re: paedobaptism). I have heard you cite 1 Corinthians 7:14 and the account of the Philippian jailer as support, but neither one comes close to convincing me that children should be baptized at birth, or even that they are part of the covenant. Just a few verses after 14, Paul says, “For how do you know, O wife, whether you will save your husband? Or how do you know, O husband, whether you will save your wife?” He says WHETHER, and asks how they know, clearly giving reason to his exhortation to stay with an unbelieving spouse. Obviously, then, the salvation of the saved spouse does not cover the account of the unsaved one, nor do we see any reason why this same erroneous view of salvation should extend to cover the account of any child. Rather, it is sincerely hoped and expected that the child will be brought up in the fear and admonition of the Lord.
    In the case of the Philippian jailer, Paul’s words about the man and his household being saved are directly dependent upon believing in the Lord Jesus Christ, as is the case for everyone. Harmonization of Scripture demands that we not take this to mean that simply because the head of the household is saved, every member of the household is also saved. The 1 Corinthians passage (v. 16) shows that. Just speaking existentially, we can observe countless cases of only a few members of a given household receiving salvation. Are we to assume that everyone with a Christian father or mother or aunt is automatically in the clear?

  32. Seth says:

    Favorite P. G. Woodhouse book / short story and why? Where is a good place to get started?

  33. Demetrios Mustakas Jr says:

    How do you answer some of the critiques of Presuppositional apologetics? EX:
    * It appeals to fideism
    * It commits the logical fallacy of Circular Reasoning or Begging the question
    * It commits the logical fallacy of Equivocation – the term changes its meaning in the middle of an argument (by saying all reasoning is circular thus avoiding the circular reasoning fallacy)
    * An answer to “Classical Apologetics” by John H. Gerstner, Arthur W. Lindsley and R.C. Sproul critique of Presuppositional Apologetics (as much as you see fit to respond to)
    * Is reason true (first) or self consciousness true (first) philosophically speaking? Does “nobody starts with God, except God”? This has implications between the presuppositional and classical methods

    Bonus question: is reasoning circular or linear? If so why/why not?

  34. Austin says:

    Should Christians accept government aid programs, state or federal, such as the EIC or WIC program (in WI)? I know some who say that families should stop having children if they intending to use such programs. On the one hand, it seems like taking back some of the money that was stolen from you, on the other hand it’s more like stealing from your neighbor. How should Christians approach this?


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