1. Kaila Anderson says:

    Hello Mrs. Wilson,

    Thank you so much for your sharing on this subject. I truly appreciate and respect what you have to say. I’m nineteen years old, have always grown up with the desire and mission of being a wife, mother, and homekeeper. I am wondering though what to do with my life though right now. I want to get married, but I don’t believe that God has brought the right man into my life presently or that I am even ready for marriage. So am I suppose to just stay at home preparing for marriage? What can I be doing to prepare for that, yet also keep busy, be productive, and use the gifts God has given me to further His kingdom? I know about NSA, and really believe that it is something I want to do and that I would benefit from. I am just wondering what your take is on girls going to a Christian private college? Is it a good way to further their education, sharpen the gifts that they have? As long as the girl doesn’t make her career the center of her life, but would be willing to put it aside once married, is it okay to have one during the single years?

    These are just thoughts and questions that have been going through my mind, and my parents. This video helped a lot in providing a balance and to answer some of my questions. I just wanted to hear your opinion on the above questions. Thank you again for your wisdom and ministry!

    God bless,

    -Kaila Anderson

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