1. Ann Lowrey Forster says:

    Nancy and Doug –

    Thanks for a great video. My husband and I had the privilege of being at Steven and Anna Wedgeworth’s wedding this weekend where Pastor Steve Wilkins gave the homily. In his charge to Anna, he talked about her duty to help grow Steven – to not let him remain in sin without rebuking him – that she will often times be the tool that the Holy Spirit uses to convict his conscience. I’d love to see some information from you two great marriage folks on how to do that submissively and respectfully.
    Specifically, when you’re talking about whipping up his favorite dessert after he’s been ugly: I understand the power of that (and see it work in our marriage, as well as in other marriages), but how do you keep that from being a condoning of behavior that is sinful? Perhaps being unkind to one’s wife or children is not the same type of sin as lying on one’s taxes, but it is still sin, and, as a partner in marriage, we as wives have a responsibility to not let that sin go on (especially habitually and unrepentantly).
    How does one serve cheesecake with submissive, respectful rebuke on top?

    Thanks much for all that you do –

    Ann Lowrey Forster

  2. Anonymous says:

    You might find this helpful too:


    “Watch Your Man” by Carolyn Mahaney.

  3. Crystal says:

    Ann – I understand your question, and I think it might be helpful to recognize that there would probably be great differences in the general interaction between a couple in which the husband considers himself a Christian and one in which he does not. I would hope there would be many more opportunities to gently rebuke a husband who at least wants to be obedient in modeling Christ.

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