Sermon: Surveying the Text | Kings

Sermon: Surveying the Text | Kings
Pastor Douglas Wilson

Christ Church – Moscow, ID
Sermon #1913- A.D. January 31. 2016, 2nd Service
Text: 1 Kings 18:21

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  1. Mark Lickliter says:

    I couldn’t find where to ask my question, I wanted it on “Ask Doug”, so here goes…What is discipleship in the CREC or according to Reformed folks in general? I can’t find any books written from a Reformed perspective addressing this issue. Why? Us Reformed folks have seemed to de-emphasize personal relationship and spiritual disciplines in favor of composing a robust doctrine of the Church, but have personal piety, spiritual disciplines and discipleship fallen by the wayside? This question is really important to me, and it seems that no one is asking it.

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