Ask Doug: Caroling, Evangelism, and Cultural Relavancy in the UK

Ask Doug question:

Last Christmas a small group at our church went caroling in what we call in the UK a
‘multicultural area,’ that is, an area with a significant number of Muslims. We had some
bottles thrown at us, and are now reluctant to go again this year. Our small group leader
feels it would be “culturally inappropriate” to go again, and that there isn’t much Gospel
in Christmas Carols anyway. What would your advice be in this situation? Should we be
“claiming the public square” in this way?

Other Resources:

Steve Jeffery, a pastor in London, gave some lectures on evangelism that puts these principles into action. See video below.
“The How of Evangelism”:

Also see: “The Why of Evangelism”
Also see: “How to Lead a Bible Study”, by Steve Jeffery

Francis Foucachon, a French pastor, gave the following lecture on what faithful evangelism looks like in a European context.



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