Author Interview: Evangellyfish (Douglas Wilson)

Ben Merkle interviews Douglas Wilson on his book, Evangellyfish: A Novel.

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Douglas Wilson’s satirical novel, Evangellyfish, won Best Fiction of the year in the Christianity Today 2013 Book Awards! CT called it a “startlingly poignant” satire, among other things — see the whole review by clicking HERE.

A few quotables from the book:

“She had lost her faith while still managing to hang on to all the platitudes” (Evangellyfish, p. 104).

“Johnny’s eyes were round, like a couple of trash can lids, only a different color” (Evangellyfish, p. 100).

“He could tell that Johnny was not really a highly trained logician, and would simply go as he was directed, as long as the suggested direction did not conflict with the tangled bundle of platitudes, loosely tied with string, that made up his worldview” (Evangellyfish, p. 100).

“The point of these stories had been pressed home to him by the kind of preachers who rolled up their shirtsleeves, threw their necktie over the right shoulder, and hopped around while they preached. Many Americans have complained of too many hellfire and damnation sermons in their past, but Bradford was one of the 112 individuals in our generation who had actually heard one. He was thirteen at the time and was a pretty good boy for five days afterward. So Bradford was thoroughly conversant on the Achan thing” (Evangellyfish, p. 98).

“And when the blind lead the blind, they both fall into a youth ministry” (Evangellyfish, p. 95).

“But somehow her giving him a back rub always turned into him giving her a front rub, and then they would fall again. That was actually how their relationship started, which is to say, through those darn back rubs. It was her senior year in high school, and she was in Johnny’s youth group, which was a combination Bible study and daisy-chain back-rub circle. At the end of that year, they all had a good working knowledge of the gospel of Mark, and significantly improved blood flow in the delts” (Evangellyfish, p. 92).

“But Johnny still agonized over such things — what size earring would the apostle Paul have worn if his mission had been to the skateboarding and pants-droopy youth of today? Not an easy question to answer” (Evangellyfish, p. 92).




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