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Sam Allberry, author of Is God Anti-gay?, gave a talk at the University of Idaho on Wednesday March 5th. His story is one of God’s goodness in the midst of same sex attraction, and is a powerful testimony for those needing encouragment in the face of this temptation.

Sam became a Christian on his 18th birthday and after graduating from college, he began graduate studies at Cornhill Training Course in London. Sam went on to train at Wycliffe Hall in Oxford (2000-2003), then served at St Ebbe’s Church in central Oxford (2003-2008), leading their ministry to undergraduate students. Since 2008 Sam has been an associate pastor at St Mary’s Church in Maidenhead (which is just down the road from Windsor). In late 2012 Sam shared with his church family his long-term struggle with same-sex attraction.

In 2013 Sam wrote “Is God Anti-Gay?” and helped to set up the website Both of these are attempts to help Christians with same sex attraction. Another goal is to help wider church and a watching world know that God’s word is both clear and unfathomably good on this issue. Since then he has had a growing number of opportunities to speak more widely on this topic, and he is keen to help churches be places of both compassion and clarity for those struggling with this temptation.

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