1. elisabeth says:

    great post …yep…the culture has this dark cloud that hovers over the christian then targets them and basically says we dont accept you for your beliefs they are a threst to our peaceable way of life and you area hater…and so wipe the dust off your feet and leave…this is justfied becaus ethey can get away with it and there is nobody saying hey wait you are being intolerant you cant kick someone out of cmmunity becaus eof their belief system does not coincide with yours…but they do just that……and more…follow you to the next town…

  2. elisabeth says:

    YES A CAMPAIGN OF BULLYING! THANKS Pastor..I had first hand experience in Buffalo NY..where they had given preference to a lesbian girl over me, and i did not get a job because they knew I was a chrsitian and a lesbian girl was working at the time..they have a clear agenda…if they target you they do not offer you employment they slander your good reputation they find out every detail they can about you dig up the dirt ….I had my life threatened in Buffalo..did anybody do this and i suffer in silence….someone wants to kill me! becaue i pose a different world view than they do….and this is like biting and devouring…I hope and pray that the cornerstone Manor with all its stupidity and lies and cover up will be exposed for harboring criminals…..and using the shelter as a haven of bullying. The staff is out of control….a campaign of bullying indeed…did anyoe come to defend me..where was the staff when three girls were ready to assault me….where was the civility? nowhere..i had to sweat it out for a night and leave early in the morning…..one stated she was going to kill me! and this was inside a church shelter……did i contact the police..no because they are like unaware parents not really knowing what these wicked folks are up to because they know how to work the system to their advantage!

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