1. Isaiah Taylor says:

    The link for the MP3 goes to the “Openly gay BSA” ask Doug and not the one in the video. Just letting you know.

  2. Jon Dykstra says:

    If I were a Christian photographer it would seem only a matter of time before I get asked to do a gay wedding. And, with the rulings that have happened it also seems likely that if I refused I would lose, during my day in court.

    So what if, on my website, I communicated my convictions about marriage, and made it plain that I thought gay weddings were not even possible, and a wicked mockery of the real thing, and thus I had no interest in photographing them, but that, since I knew under our current legislative and judicial environment I did not have a legal right to refuse, that I would indeed do one if asked, but would donate the full payment to efforts to reach out to homosexuals and share the gospel with them.

    That would seem to make highly unlikely I would be hired, but if I were, it would turn at least some of this evil to good. But would I still be involved in making what is evil look good? Yes, but all the while making it quite clear that this is indeed evil.

    So…. might that be an approach a Christian could, in good conscience, use?

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