Man & Work: What if I’m stuck in a job I hate (part 7)

In this seventh segment in the “Man & Work” Series, Doug Wilson answers the question, “What if I’m stuck in a job I hate?”

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  1. elisabeth says:

    My plan has always been to keep a “job job”…and then create art work with the money I have generated from the first job….and then doing what i love is being creativepaint-sculpt-teach……I am the one who had 14 jobs in a year…… i have been discontent and say 1/4 of the problem was me and my attitude of frustration of not being treated well on the jobs. I work now at a local supermarket. called KINGS in maplewood. ideal NO…do i think i am better than this! Yes…but I have to get over this pride issue of thinking JUST because i have a bfa..i desreve better….and right this is where God has placed me for I look at it is temporary…and unstabile becauase of the nature of the turn over of people it has…and of course politics come into play and yes in a week i will be paying union dues. I feel stuck…..There are so many things i do not like about it…my back does hurt me more…and i am getting older…so this leaves me at a disadvantage to the strong 17 year old boys and girls i work with. God’s will be done….and ask that there is something i need to repent of it is my bad attitude and discontent with everything!..and I apologize to you all in Moscow…for being unchristian toward you. please accept my apologies. also my other plan ..well to find an alien-man from mars who will help me in this kingdom building warfare…but i am turning into a prune..and may get spoiled and go bad and used up as compost. Blessing Pastor Wilson and Ben…I ask you pray for my son Jacob who is asking me to help him understand exodus 20 in light of the ot vs nt stuff….and that I want him to work in the local super market instead of stay in the house 24/7..thanks much obliged….God speed…

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