Doug Wilson Interviews Mark Driscoll (Part 1) | Men & Masculinity

Doug Wilson interviews Mark Driscoll on Men & Masculinity. In Part 2, Doug Wilson asks Mark Driscoll about cessationism, spiritual gifts, and “seeing things.” Subcribe on Twitter or Facebook to keep updated!

This interview was filmed in the context of the Grace Agenda, hosted by Credenda/Agenda and Canon Press, ministries of Christ Church, in Moscow, Idaho. You may purchase DVD and CD of all the talks at Canon Press.

Thanks to Gary Burns who provided an extra camera for the interview.



  1. Daniel says:

    When will the 2nd part of this interview be up?

  2. Chris Zodrow says:

    Here are a couple of ideas to toss around. First, the Apostles faced what might be called a feminized culture, homosexual and bisexual activity being rampant in many parts of the then known world. It was not uncommon for men to just have it out with boys and women in public, etc.

    Further on this, the then-culture was on a spiritual down-grade, having lost any centralising notion of what was true – even if one takes issue with what is actually “true” absolutely – the people pretty much had abandoned the idea that anything could be true-truth. We call it post-modernity these days.

    So, we are not much different now from then.

    Here is my second idea: the Apostles never spent so much damn time addressing these issues as many men do today. They didn’t think it was necessary to dwell on this stuff. Why not? It wasn’t because the times were different then, or that men were different. So, why not?

    Preach the whole counsel of God, the covenant, and trust the Holy Spirit to actually work it out in people’s lives. Trust the Holy Spirit to do the actual work He does (sanctify), not this garbage that Driscoll assumes.

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