Aging & Work: Mentoring Younger Men

This session of Man & Work is about Aging & Work. We invited Rod Olps, a Christian businessman, consultant, & grandfather, to join Doug Wilson for this discussion.

Click HERE for mp3.

Table of Contents for this session:

1. The Stages of a Man’s Life
2. Mentoring Younger Men (this video)
3. The Glory of Old Men & Young Men
4. Grandchildren

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  1. elizabeth says:

    What happens to young men when they are not led or taught? (LEAVE THEM ALONE!)??He really did not answer the question! what happens: they go their own way…lost!….sheep without a shepherd.. left to their own devices..hence not led or taught on the destructive path to hell….and by God’s intervention breaks through their lives and saves them. He reaches down from on high and rescues them…its a song!

    • Daniel Foucachon says:

      Elizabeth, I believe his answer was that it is not possible to effectively mentor young men who do not want to be mentored. Mentoring is different than leading or teaching. You teach young men what is right from the pulpit and other venues. But mentoring, in order to be effective, necessitates two willing people, not just one.

      Think of it this way: Jesus taught crowds of people, but was only a “mentor” to 12. Jesus chose them out, but they had to “leave all” and willingly follow him. He also “mentored” people like Nicodemus, who willingly came to him. When the Rich Young Ruler came to him to “be mentored,” he didn’t like what Jesus said, and went away sad. Jesus didn’t run after him.

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