Ask Doug: Women in Combat Roles

Ask Doug: What is your view of women in combat roles?

YouTube version HERE.



  1. elisabeth says:

    This was a very helpful insight….non-christian men do not honor God or sad.

  2. Eric Stampher says:

    Women are what we fight for; what the fight is about. Kill the dragon — save the girl. No need to fight if they’re no longer understood as the damsel in distress. Masculinity / femininity picture God? — yes. But explain how por favor sometime. What ya think about how not just God but all of us have masculinity and femininity inside each of us. Example, we are the church, the bride. God made all guys with a “feminine” side / sliver. And vice versa. Yet guys here now preheaven super identify predominantly masculine, etc. If they don’t, the machine is quite broken.

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