Is Calvinism Biblical?

Is Calvinism Biblical? (Steve Gregg vs. Douglas Wilson)

In this amiable debate which took place in 2001, Steve Gregg and Douglas Wilson look at three Calvinistic doctrines: the sovereignty of God, atonement, and perseverance. Wilson maintains that Scripture does indeed support these teachings, while Gregg (an Arminian) argues the opposite. The result is a biblically-based exchange that gets to the heart of the matter.

Please excuse the less than crisp recording.

Steve Gregg is host of The Narrow Path, a radio show broadcast in California and Oregon. In addition, he edited Revelation: Four Views: A Parallel Commentary (Thomas Nelson, 1997), a popular collection that presents four prominent eschatalogical interpretations of Revelation. He lives in Santa Cruz, California.

Douglas Wilson is pastor of Christ Church (Moscow, ID) and editor of Credenda Agendamagazine. He is also the author of “Reformed” Is Not EnoughLetter from a Christian Citizen, and Reforming Marriage. He and his wife, Nancy, have three grown children and mounds of grandkids.

Debate 1 – Part 1 (greggwilson1 icon-listen-grey)
Debate 1 – Part 2 (greggwilson2 icon-listen-grey)
Debate 2 – Part 1 (greggwilson3 icon-listen-grey)
Debate 2 – Part 2 (greggwilson4 icon-listen-grey)
Debate 3 – Part 1 (greggwilson5 icon-listen-grey)
Debate 3 – Part 2 (greggwilson6 icon-listen-grey)

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