2nd Q&A (Sermon: Why Children Matter #2)

Doug and Nancy Wilson respond to questions concerning the 2nd sermon in the sermon series “Why Children Matter”

Q&A with Doug and Nancy Wilson
Christ Church – Moscow, ID
Sermon #1750 – A.D. Nov. 18
Text: Deuteronomy 8:5

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Order of Questions:

00:58 – You’re not being disciplined for spilling the milk, you are being disciplined because I told you not to touch it.

4:54 – Disobedience can always expand at a more rapid rate than the rules.

8:46 – Keep life Simple. The whole point of disobedience from a child’s perspective is control…who is going to run this house? Me or you?

11:33 – When you have to repeat yourself, it’s not a sign of system failure.

14:49 – If you have a family by adoption and some kids come as newborns and some come as older children with an already established set of expectations, behavior patterns, habits, and so on…how do you adjust to that?

16:46 – What does discipline for the older children look like?

24:51 – You want to give older adopted kids a reasonable amount of time to adjust, but not so much time in the world that they feel entitled to take their sweet time

25:37 – What should you do if you have a negative reaction to the spanking (e.g. defiance, flipping out or ‘that didn’t hurt’/’bring it dad’)?

29:05 – There is such a thing, obviously, as physical abuse of children and it is wicked.

30:43 – Using the right spanking implement.

32:37 – Proverbs says the rod is for the back of fools, not for the rear end of toddlers.

39:47 – How do you teach a young boy to sit still for extended periods of time and when do you start?

43:06 – God gave boys to families to fight dragons not to be dragons.

45:24 – Dealing with fussiness. Giving them opportunity to correct themselves.

48:44 – Giving your kids practice in dealing with fussing. Having them ask for it nicely the second time.

50:18 – How many chances do you give your child to correct themselves before it turns into inconsistency?

51:32 – The special zero tolerance “Reign of Terror” day.

55:54 – When your child walks the line

1:00:23 – The Liturgy of Spanking

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  1. Carole says:

    It is so nice to be able to see and hear Nancy! The audio of her talks at ACCS conferences are always difficult to hear. Wonderful. Thank you.

  2. John C. says:

    Will there be a downloadable version again, like with the first one? I really appreciated being able to download it.

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