3rd Q&A (Sermon: Why Children Matter #3)

Doug and Nancy Wilson respond to questions concerning the 3rd sermon in the sermon series “Why Children Matter”

Q&A with Doug and Nancy Wilson
Christ Church – Moscow, ID
Sermon #1751 – A.D. Nov. 25
Text: Ephesians 6:4


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Order of Questions:

00:57 – How do you tackle a child-rearing situation that has gotten away from you?

7:57 – What do you do if your child is flipping out?

11:59 – The mom needs to know that her husband is always backing her.

14:38 – Mr. Rogers. “I DON’T WANT TO BE YOUR NEIGHBOR!”

16:22 – Boys and Girls run on different kinds of emotional fuel.

28:27 – How do you deal with a child who is disciplined but takes a long time to get out of the sulks?

35:17 – How do you deal with children who are quick to quarrel with each other?

38:25 – What do you do if your children get into a quarrel and you don’t know what happened? What if you have a strong hunch your child is lying to you?

43:14 – How would you encourage your children to delight in each others company?

44:56 – If you see something going wrong in someone’s family, how do you know when you should say something or just keep silent?

49:49 – Because you have a window of opportunity with your kids as you raise them to be Godly Christians in your family, do your priorities shift and change as the concrete is beginning to set?

55:52 – How to avoid being defensive about how you educate your children when you are mostly surrounded by a community that has different education beliefs.

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  1. F+M says:

    Thanks for this series!!!
    Clarification: We have a very outgoing 5yo daughter who takes after her mother and my mother (in different ways) — she’s confident, very interested in people of all ages, and loves any chance for an adventure (running an errand with me, going to a party, going to Church, etc). We also have a very shy 3yo, who clings with all get-out to mom and doesn’t want to go anywhere. From about the 25ish min. mark you seem to be suggesting that truly healthy daughters should be like our 3yo? I struggle to see how the character of our older daughter would be any different even if we managed to pour more love into her than we already do. Could it be possible Pastor Wilson that you’re speaking less from Scriptural authority and more from personal experience based on the temperaments God happened to give your kids?

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