4th Q&A (Sermon: Why Children Matter #4)

Doug and Nancy Wilson respond to questions concerning the 4th sermon in the sermon series “Why Children Matter”

Q&A with Doug and Nancy Wilson
Christ Church – Moscow, ID
Sermon #1752 – A.D. Dec. 2
Text: 1 Cor. 11:1


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Order of Questions:

0:45 – Restitution should be as public as the sin was and as soon as possible.

4:34 – Having a united front as husband and wife.

9:00 – What are some examples when a father or mother with a secret sin can be giving covenantal permission for the kids to sin the same way even if the kids are not modeling an overt bad example.

12:50 – The problem is not the sin you committed ten years ago, the problem is always the sin you are committing right now.

17:54 – Let’s say that your family has certain standards that are not shared with or on display with extended family, how do you process it when your kids are suddenly exposed to some cousin action that’s nothing at all what they are used to?

20:23 – Your kids don’t have to obey other random adults unless you have authorized them to do so (e.g. teachers, babysitters, etc.)

22:23 – Model for your children what you want them to be doing for you.

24:30 – What would you recommend for family worship at home?

28:50 – What is your guidance with one on one time with your kids? AKA Daddy dates

37:33 – How do you not bring your work home?

44:57 – How do you include your kids when you have another family over for dinner?

48:32 – Training your child to do what you say without questioning can come across as power tripping. (thoughts on Michael Pearl’s book, “To Train up a Child”)

54:32 – How would you make a distinction between training your child to come and training them to sit still in church? Make training a game, not live ammo boot camp.

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