Ask Doug: Guns, gun control, and resistance to government tyranny

Ask Doug: Is it ok for Christians to own guns? Should Christians own guns? At what point and in what ways does a Christian resist a tyrannical government? If a gun ban is instituted, should Christians hand over their guns?

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  1. Christos Christou says:

    Dear Doug

    You indicated that if people were squemish about the use of guns as believers even for self defence, then there would be much more to be squemish about down the line – I’m probably quoting you very inaccurately from the video – what did you mean by “down the line”? The manifestation of the NWO in the States? The collapse of the dollar and the emergence of the Amero? FEMA deathh camps? Please expand. Christos (London UK)

  2. John Montgomery says:

    Could you explain the rational or justification of the assertion that owning firearms is a civic virtue? While I could see that a man’s work and provision for his family could be called a civic virtues with the justification being God’s word (2Thes3:10, 1Tim 5:8), I do not see a similar justification for an armed populace.

    • Reid says:

      John, it is contained in Scripture in many places, some more clearly than others, but the two main examples are the positive duties of the 6th commandment (examined in depth in the Westminster Standards, for instance) and in the duty to defend the widow and the fatherless.

      • John Montgomery says:

        Hmmm. While I can definitely say that defending one’s self is permissible, I have a harder time buying that owning firearms specifically is a civic virtue. Could you argue that a nation owning nuclear weapons is a civic virtue, and if so, who gets so-and-so is allowed to own one while so-and-so isn’t?

        Having been raised in a conservative culture, I think I’ve grown more liberal (generous :) in my understanding, especially as I focus more on Christ.

        So I struggle. I want to defend my family (I’m engaged), but does faithful discipleship to Christ look like me teaching my family how to overcome by evil with good?

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