1. Doug,

    First, blessings on your house and thank you for your unflagging diligence in the field of the Lord. I may not see eye to eye with Calvinists, but your family’s ministry to my family over the decades has been a profound boon so that I can easily overlook your small lacunae. ;o)

    I would assert that to assess the ‘civic virtue’ of possessing and regularly training with firearms and accoutrements is to ask the wrong question.

    In this monograph, I flesh out the century-old false dichotomy of arguing the Second Amendment vs. simply performing our Article I, Section 8 *duty* as sovereign, self-policing, self-defending communities of citizens:


    Every able-bodied citizen (I would assert males only, but in a pinch if the males are in high retreat, petticoats in hand, give me the females, armed and willing to defend their homes — as many women did on the American frontier — and I will show you a routed enemy) has a duty *over* our constitutional rule of law.

    Yes, *over* our rule of law. Thus my first point is primordial civics before tactical national defense. We The People are sovereign OVER the States, who in most cases are also sovereign over the federal servant government.

    See? Before even engaging the subject of armament, public order and defense, let us settle in our hearts as Christians that Romans 13 must be applied to the civil servant and especially the elected servant, UNDER the Constitution, which is OVER that servant, circumscribing his sovereignty.

    To put this another way: no president, member of Congress, or SCOTUS justice enjoys ANY power except as stipulated in the self-described “supreme Law of the Land”. Thus, in perhaps 75% of its current operations, the federal government is an outlaw, violating the Constitution — or in the Romans 13 phrase, refusing to “be subject to the higher powers” and instead arrogating those powers to itself.

    The authority/power delegated to Washington DC by ‘We The People’ (shorthand for the proxy of sovereign States on our behalf) is the only legitimate functions and services it enjoys on the earth. No others.

    Not until one has framed the so-called ‘Second Amendment’ discussion properly — in terms of the Citizen and his sovereign DUTY — can he fruitfully discuss the ‘virtue’ of bearing a band saw, backhoe, carpenter’s hammer, or fully automatic firearm.

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